Masterexx MP

An extremely resistant, high-quality multi-purpose grease on a lithium soap base, which is stable to ageing. It contains special corrosion inhibitors as well as a high content of EP/AW additives. Water-resistant and corrosion-protective, perfectly suitable for industrial and automotive applications, e.g. passenger cars and ommercial vehicles, working machines, as well as construction and agricultural machinery.

DIN 51502 – KP2K-30

MB 267.0
MAN 283 Li-P

Masterexx EP Yellow

Extremely heavy-duty, very resistant to aging multi-purpose grease based on calcium complex soaps and a mineral polymer oil. This high performance grease has excellent adhesion, is waterproof and protects against corrosion and wear due to its modern formulation. Initially developed for marine applications, it offers a wide range of application potential, for example in forestry and agriculture as well as in heavy construction machinery.

DIN 51502 – KP2K-30

Masterexx EP Black

A heavy-duty, multi-purpose grease of superior quality, resistant to ageing, based on a special lithium soap. Due to its content of molybdenum disulphide (MOS2) it offers best dry running properties. It is water-resistant and protects against corrosion. Field-proven for heavy duty applications with medium rotating speeds and suitable for automotive as well as industrial applications.

DIN 51502 – KPF2K-30

Masterexx EP Blue

A light-coloured high-temperature grease for the long-term lubrication of rolling and plain bearings under high loads and at high temperatures. As a lithium complex grease of the latest-generation, it offers a much extensive range of applications than conventional multi-purpose greases due to its better mechanical and thermal stability. As a result of its special composition, it can be used excellently on working machines, as well as construction and agricultural machinery, in which bearing temperatures of up to 180°C can be obtained.

DIN 51502 – KP2N-30

Volvo 1277.2

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